The Most Fun Restaurants in the World—And the Most Expensive

A couple of years ago, I was traveling around Europe and I came across a coffee shop in the heart of a coffee producing region.

It was called The Donut Shop.

And the name says it all: It’s got a real doughnut hole in the middle.

When I asked the owner if he knew of any other places that were just as fun to dine in as The Donuts, he told me that he didn’t think so.

So, I went down to the Donuts and ordered a coffee.

The doughnut holes in the center were like mini-chunks of coffee that were made into cones.

I asked for the espresso, and he said, “No, you have to use it for dessert.

That’s what we do here.”

And I said, I think I could use it, but it’s not a dessert.

I got a banana and I was like, “Nah, I’ll take that.”

I don’t have a dessert bar in my house, but if I’m going to do something like this, I’d like to have a really good bar for it.

So I asked a few people to try to put a dessert on the side, and they said they couldn’t do that, but I could.

And that was it.

I’m happy I did.

You know, this is a small place, but they really do make delicious coffee.

I really enjoyed that the coffee was homemade and really good.

It’s definitely something I would be able to do in a small space.

But the doughnuts are just as good as the espresso.

And I just think that it’s just a matter of time before you can go to the coffee shop and get a really delicious cup of coffee.


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