Duluth coffee shop draws drawing from Trump’s Twitter account

Duluth, MN (AP) A coffee shop in Duluth drew a Trump parody on its Facebook page Friday morning.

The Duluth Coffee House has been drawing a picture of the president with a Trump Twitter handle since Monday, when he tweeted a picture showing a smiling, grinning man wearing a mask with a “Duluth” in the middle.

A few hours later, a tweet by Trump’s personal account featuring the picture was retweeted more than 3,000 times.

The parody, which has drawn criticism from the left and right, features the same image with the caption, “Just a small update, the mask looks just like the President, thanks to the great Duluth.”

The parody has also drawn mockery on Twitter.

“DulUTH is a great coffee shop.

The mask is a fake.

It was designed by a Trump fan.

That’s why it’s funny,” the Duluth resident wrote on Facebook.

The picture, however, has drawn backlash from the Duluxians who have called the photo a “Trump mask” and a “fake.”

The picture was shared more than 20,000 time on Facebook, drawing the ire of a group called Duluth’s Bricksmiths, who are calling the picture a “douchebag” and saying it’s a racist joke.

“The DULUDEYS have been doing this for years.

This picture is so bad, and it’s so racist.

They are doing a douchebag act,” the group wrote on their Facebook page.”

So, the best way to show your disgust for these idiots is to make a fake mask, make a joke about them, and then tweet it at the president.

I would think that would be the only way you could make a point about the racist douchebags,” the Facebook group said.

Duluxians say the image of the mask on the Dulum is a real mask worn by Trump himself.

The Duluth Business Journal reported that the photo was first tweeted by the Duluzeta Coffee House, which said the picture is of a “very popular mask that was worn by the President of the United States, and that he wore the mask as a badge of honor for his role in the country’s history.

The article also reported that Trump did not own the mask in question.

The Duluth Coffeehouse has posted on Facebook that the mask is not his and that the business is in the process of removing it.

The business owner did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The photo was also shared on Instagram, where one user, @laurapill, posted a photo of a photo taken in the 1930s of a man wearing the same mask.

The Instagram post has since been shared more over 100,000, according to Facebook.

A user on Twitter, @jessicahoe, said she was the only person to respond to the Duluuvers account on the photo, calling it a “racist, racist mask” that is “offensive.””

If it was fake, it would not be a huge deal. “

If it was a real Trump mask, this would be a big deal.

If it was fake, it would not be a huge deal.

He was very popular and I think it is a really stupid photo.”

The Duluzette Coffee House and other businesses in Duluzetown, which is located in the northeast corner of the state, have also been flooded with calls about the image.

The shop’s Facebook page was also flooded with comments criticizing the image, and Duluth Mayor John Curtis issued a statement Friday saying he was “deeply concerned” by the drawing.

Diluzeta said it was the work of a fan who had been “liking” the page for the last couple of days.

“We are not going to stop using our Trump mask,” the company wrote.

The restaurant said the image was taken from an original photo on the company’s Facebook wall, not the one that went viral.

“We are sorry this image is so obviously offensive to Duluthians, and we apologize to all of our customers,” the statement said.

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