When you want a taste of the city, head to the local coffee shop

When you’re looking for a quick fix in the city of Chicago, a coffee shop might just be the answer.

While coffee shops are all the rage these days, a lot of locals aren’t aware of them.

So when you want to go to one and enjoy a nice cup of joe, a visit to the city’s oldest and most popular coffee shop in downtown Chicago could be just what you’re after.

The oldest of the coffee shops in Chicago is known as the Gilded Age Coffee House, which dates back to 1895 and has been owned and operated by the Gilders family since 1902.

The name of the restaurant, located on West 57th Street, refers to the fact that it was founded in the 1870s by John Gilder, who had a passion for coffee.

“The Gildermans were kind of the first coffee shops downtown,” said Angela Cervantes, the owner of the café.

She said the restaurant is one of only two in the Chicago area that are owned by the family, along with the St. Louis Cafe.

Cervantes said she’s excited to see where the restaurant goes from here.

As the name suggests, the Gilda Gildering family owned the coffee shop.

They were also the owners of a variety of other businesses including a clothing store, a shoe store and even a shoe shop.

The Gilded age coffee house opened in 1895, when John Gilda began selling coffee to the public.

Gilder started making his coffee at home, according to his daughter, Julia Gilding.

Her father died in 1896, and Gilda became the sole owner of Gilderbook Coffee House in 1898.

In 1900, the family moved to a new location on the Chicago Riverfront and the coffee house was rebranded.

In 1912, Julia began selling her coffee and the name was changed to Gilderie.

Since then, the coffee business has been growing, according for the Gaulders.

In 2016, Gilderia became the fifth oldest coffee shop on the East Coast and its location on West 56th Street was named the oldest coffeehouse in the U.S.

Coffee has been part of Chicago’s culture since the 1850s.

When coffee became popular, people took notice and started calling it “café,” according to Julia Gilda.

A few years ago, Julia said, she started seeing coffee shops pop up in other cities, including New York City.

According to Julia, coffee has become so popular that there are coffee shops now all over the world.

There are so many places to go in the world that you can’t keep up with it, said Julia GILDER.

This is a place that is very, very local, she said.

It’s really not the same as a Starbucks, she added.

Cafés in other parts of the world include London’s Heathrow Airport, Sydney’s The Oval and Amsterdam’s Veltman Park.

However, the name Gildera means “the great coffee,” according Julia.

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