Which coffee shops will be open in 2020?

As the world’s coffee farmers start to harvest their harvest of beans this year, we’re looking at some new coffee shop openings in Australia. 

Read more: As the world opens its doors to coffee this year there are a few new coffee shops that have popped up in Australia this year.

Here’s a list of the new coffee-loving cafes and shops that will open in Australia over the next few months:1.

The Green Spot Location: Brisbane, NSWThe Green Space Coffee Shop is a new coffee spot on the Brisbane CBD.

The cafe is located on The Green Spot, which is a shopping mall in Brisbane’s CBD.

It will be the first cafe in Australia to open in the CBD.


The Coffee Bean Shop Location: Coffs Harbour, New South WalesThe Coffee Shop opened on October 30.

It is located in Coffs Harbor, on the New South Welsh coast.

It opens at 9am, and there will be a daily menu of iced coffee, espresso, iced teas, mocha, fruit tea, grapefruit iced tea and iced milkshakes.


Coffee Bean Cafe Location (location is subject to change): Coffs Head, New ZealandCoffs Head is a popular spot for coffee lovers, and Coffee Bean Cafe is hoping to cater to this community.

The cafe will be on Coffshead Road in Coffses Head, which will be one of the most popular places for coffee drinkers in the country.


Tea Time Location(location subject to changes): Waverley, New EnglandTea Time Coffee will be opening in Waverly, which also has a coffee-centric culture.

The coffee shop will have a cafe-style café on the premises.


Aussie Tea Time Coffee Location:(location subject for change): Wimmerley, VictoriaTea Time will be offering a cafe style café in Wimmerly, Victoria.

It’s located at a former coffee shop.


New Coffee Bar Location:, Melbourne, VictoriaThis new coffee bar is set to open at The Junction Coffee Bar, in the Melbourne CBD.

This coffee bar has a cafe atmosphere and a range of ice-creams.


Beverly Hills Tea Time location: SydneyThe new Beverly Hills Tea time cafe is set for its grand opening in Sydney’s CBD in the next two weeks.

It’ll be a cafe in the historic area of Broughton Street and it will have tea and espresso drinks.


Sydney Tea Time location:(location and opening date subject to Change)The new Sydney Tea Time cafe will open at the former Melbourne Cafe at 5:30pm on September 27.

It has been in operation since 2002.


VIP Coffee Shop location:(subject to change)The VIP coffee shop opened in Perth’s CBD on August 1, 2019.

It offers a coffee shop atmosphere and ice cream to go with its iced lattes.


Green Coffee location: Perth, Western AustraliaGreen Coffee has been opening its coffee shop in the West Australian town of Westcote for the last three years.

The shop will open its doors in early 2020.


Espresso Bar location:, Perth, WAEspire Cafe will open up in Perth this month.

This cafe is currently open in Melbourne’s CBD and will offer coffee, ice, milk, soda and flavoured iced drinks.

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