Trump campaign, Clinton camp launch ‘Stop the Bus’ campaign to stop protesters from protesting at inauguration

The Trump campaign and the Clinton camp are using the inauguration as a platform to try and convince people to boycott their inauguration.

The Trump campaign is using the “Stop theBus” campaign to convince people in Washington, D.C. that they should not be protesting.

They are urging people to go to a coffee shop and “stay home” from the ceremony.

On Monday, the campaign launched a new web site, , where they have been posting videos and social media messages urging people in D.D. not to go.

In a statement, campaign manager Jesse Ferguson said the campaign has “no plans to stop the inauguration,” but that the campaign would use the event to try to convince the public that “there is a political agenda at play that would benefit the wealthy at the expense of the American people.”

The Obama administration, which had planned to host the event in Washington D.,D.C., was forced to pull out after protesters, including Black Lives Matter, and the U.S. military protested in the city’s Independence Mall.

The new “StopTheBus” site encourages people to attend coffee shops around the city, where they can shop for merchandise and receive tips about what to wear and how to behave at the inauguration.

It says people can also donate to the inauguration fund and the American Civil Liberties Union to help defend the rights of those protesting the inauguration, and to support organizations working to promote women’s equality and equality of opportunity.