Phoenix coffee shop owners get $15M settlement

Phoenix coffee shops are being compensated $15 million after a lawsuit filed against them claimed that owners were subjected to racial and ethnic profiling by Phoenix police.

The Phoenix City Attorney’s Office settled the lawsuit on Tuesday for an undisclosed amount, the Phoenix New Times reported.

The lawsuit, filed in April 2017, claimed that several Phoenix police officers were allegedly profiling patrons at the coffee shop, and the officers used excessive force and racially profiled customers.

The coffee shop owner was also allegedly subjected to a “racist and discriminatory” pat down by the Phoenix Police Department, the lawsuit said.

In October, the city of Phoenix filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department, alleging that the coffee shops unlawfully refused to serve customers who were detained and subjected to pat downs.

“We have no tolerance for racial profiling in our community, and we are pleased that the City of Phoenix has agreed to settle its lawsuit against our coffee shop,” Mayor Greg Stanton said in a statement.

“The Phoenix Police Officers involved in the pat down incident did not do their jobs, and that is why we will be working to address this issue in the future.

I applaud the City’s attorneys for their swift settlement.”

The Phoenix Starbucks, located at 1610 South State Road, opened in the early 1900s and has since been renamed.

The owners said they decided to settle the lawsuit after years of harassment from the Phoenix police department, and after they were approached by the city attorney to have their property appraised.

The lawsuit said the Phoenix coffee business had been in the business for at least 40 years and that they were unable to find a buyer because of the harassment they faced.

The case is still ongoing, and Phoenix Mayor Greg Tumlin said the city has “not found any solution to the issue.”

Coffee shop owners in Phoenix said they had to turn to private contractors to help them with the costs of repairs.

Café Owner Says Phoenix Police Were ‘Racist’ When They Arrested Customers in Coffee Shop   In January, Phoenix police arrested a customer at a Phoenix Starbucks after he tried to order a coffee.

Police said they smelled alcohol in the customer’s system, and he allegedly told them he had a friend with a gun in his back seat.

Police said the customer was taken to jail, and later released.

More Phoenix Starbucks Arrests in 2017

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