What to expect at Anime Coffee Shop in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii — The Coffee Shop at Honolulu Coffee Shop is a coffee shop.

Its owner, Tanya B. Ritter, says she is a former coffee shop owner herself and now a mother to a 6-month-old girl, but she has always enjoyed coffee.

“I have this coffee cup for my kids to play with,” she said.

The owner said she is also a coffee drinker.

She has been a frequent visitor to the cafe for the past few years.

It is just a regular coffee shop with an anime cafe on the second floor, but when she is not working at the cafe, she can be found on a few occasions with the coffee she makes.

This year, she decided to try making a different coffee for the cafe’s patrons.

Ritter says she was inspired by the popularity of anime coffee shops in Hawaii.

In a coffee and anime cafe in Honolulu, you can enjoy coffee, anime, and anime related merchandise for a very low price.

This is a very unique place, she said, and the coffee and the anime are a perfect combination.

“I just thought, why not have a coffee cafe in Hawaii where I can be myself and create a little space for the people in the coffee shop to feel comfortable and feel part of the community,” Ritter said.

This year’s cafe is the fourth in Hawaii to open.

The cafe is also home to other anime cafes in Japan.

One of the other anime cafe cafes in Honolulu is the anime cafe at Tokyo Cafe, which opened in 2017.

When the cafe opens next week, patrons will be able to sip tea, a cup of coffee, or a shot of espresso.

A coffee shop in Honolulu has become a coffee place. 

This year is just the beginning for the new cafe.

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