Which coffee shop in Encinitas, Calif., will win a medal?

The brighton coffee house in Encinaton, Calif.

might be one of the most famous coffee houses in the country, but it’s not the only one.

Now, a new, $1 million modern coffeehouse called Brighton Coffee is opening in the area.

A few weeks ago, the company partnered with local restaurants and coffee shops to bring a coffee shop and some hot drinks to the site.

The idea is to get more coffee shops on the site and have them share the experience with customers.

“The idea was to have the best coffee in the city,” says Brighton co-owner Ryan Sussman.

“It would be like a coffee bar with some hot beverages.”

The space is set up like a traditional coffeehouse, with a counter where customers can order from their seats and pour coffee and tea.

The kitchen is stocked with everything you’d expect from a coffeehouse: a big stainless steel pot, espresso maker, coffee maker, and an oven, all of which are on the top floor.

The coffee house will offer a selection of coffee, including a full espresso bar and a variety of hot beverages.

“This is a very unique space,” says Sussmen.

“We’ve built it out of necessity, but we’re going to be here for a long time.

It’s a lot of fun.”

The coffee shop is located at 2700 S. Cesar Chavez Ave.

in Encino.

Sussmans wife, who is also the CEO of Brighton, is working on opening a second location in Encinas.

She hopes to open a second Brighton location in Los Angeles soon, and he hopes to expand to the rest of the country soon as well.

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