I bought a bag of chips at a Cambridge coffee shop last night and now I need a new one

It was an unusually warm summer night and I was on the move.

I had my bag of coffee and a small bag of crisps ready to go when I started to feel a little hungry.

It was around 4am and I had already finished my coffee, so I was already pretty hungry.

My companion and I quickly left the café in a hurry.

We were not alone.

At least 30 people crowded into the cafe.

I can’t say exactly how many people were there, but the number was a fair bit higher than I was expecting.

The first few times we had been in Cambridge, I was in awe of the city, but this time I felt that it was a little bit less cool and I wanted to go back.

The cafe itself is a little over a metre long, but it’s a good size, so it was not that big of a deal.

The place was packed, but I wasn’t nervous.

People were smiling and chatting, and the staff seemed to be very friendly.

The café’s menu was a bit more laid-back than in previous years, but you could definitely see the vibe of the place was definitely different.

I ordered a cup of coffee, a cup and a half of cappuccino and two cups of caffè fritters.

It’s not something I’d go out of my way to order a lot of.

I could not help but notice the amount of creaminess and texture in the cup.

There was an unusual flavour to the coffee and the creaminess made it taste really good.

I would definitely go back and try their coffee in the future.

I’m not usually a coffee drinker, but they had a good coffee and I liked the flavours.

I also enjoyed the variety of different flavours and I would recommend going there to try out different flavours.

They were so well stocked that I was able to try a variety of things.

If you’re a coffee aficionado and have never been before, I think this is a great place to try some new flavours.

But if you are already a coffee lover, I’d recommend going and try the cafe’s regular menu.

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