Appleton coffee shop gets new location with new name and name change

The owner of Appleton Coffee Shop has moved the shop’s store from the main plaza to the front of the store, where it will now be named after its co-founder, Pierre Appleton.

The new name, Appleton and Associates, is the name of the coffee shop’s co-owner Pierre Appellet.

Appleton has been the owner of the shop since it opened in January 2016, and was part of the family that ran the original Appleton’s Coffee Shop in Toronto.

“We’ve been in this shop for more than 10 years, and it’s been a family business,” Appleton said.

“This is just a nice addition to the store and our brand.”

The new store will be located at 4100 Jarvis Street.

“Our co-owners have had this vision of what Appleton should be,” said Appleton co-president and CEO Pierre Appelin.

“The best way to do it is to change the name, which we think is a good idea.

We’re excited about it.”

The store will also have a new nameplate, and will include a new logo, which will be on the front wall of the new store.

The store also will have a cafe and other new amenities, like a dedicated café for customers to come and relax.

“A lot of the changes in the store will happen as a result of the relocation,” Appelin said.

The changes to the Appleton will happen this spring, and the new name will be unveiled during the Spring of 2019.

The shop will reopen in 2019 at the new location.

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