Lucky’s Coffee shop opens in Hoboken

Lucky’s coffee shops in Hobart and Hoboken will open for business this week, according to a company official.

The coffee shop will be called Lucky’s Cafe in Hobeyaunee and will have a new look, with a new name and a new location, the company said.

It has a small, casual and friendly vibe with a variety of coffee offerings, it said.

The cafe will be the first in Hobken, which has a population of around 500,000 people.

“This is going to be a very exciting location to be at and a great opportunity to grow the business and be a part of this community,” said Jim Loehle, a vice president with Lucky’s.

Loehmehle said the company plans to hire 20 people for the new location.

There is a wait list for the coffee shop.

The Hoboken location of Lucky’s Café will be a first for Lucky’s, he said.

Lucky’s has locations in South Jersey and New York City.

LoeHmeh, who has worked at Lucky’s since 2013, said the coffee spot will serve customers “at a time when coffee is more affordable and people are looking for a little bit of a different experience.”

Loehsco Coffee has been in Hoboknesco, a small city in New Jersey, for nearly a decade, according the company.

It is the only coffee shop in the small city.

Its first store opened in February 2017.

The Hoboknian store will serve a small selection of coffee, tea, iced tea, hot iced teas, coffee creamer, hot iced iced coffee and other drinks.

Loesco also sells food.

It has a location in Hoboque, New Jersey.

The company said it will provide coffee for a fee.

Loesco is based in Hoby, New York.

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