How to Watch The Walking Dead: Season 3 Premiere, Episode 10

We’re officially at season three, and it’s time to break down all the major plot points from the first six episodes.

We’ve got everything you need to know about Season 3 so far, from Rick’s first meeting with the Governor to the final showdown with the Saviors.

But before you go to the internet and download a torrent of episodes to watch them, be warned: we’re covering the whole thing.

The Walking and The Walking dead: Season Three will premiere on AMC this fall, and the first episode of Season Three is already available.

For fans of the hit AMC drama, you can find it in your local library or online on the AMC app.

But what’s Season Three?

Here’s a quick primer on what to expect in the upcoming episodes.1.

Rick’s First Meeting with the governor, season three premiereA lot has changed since Rick and the others first walked into the Governor’s office in Alexandria.

They now have an arsenal of firearms, including a walker gun, a sniper rifle, and a flamethrower.

They’re now also in possession of the deadly walker virus.

Their only hope of survival is to take down the Governor.2.

The Governor, season 3 premiereA bit of backstory is required to understand the new situation facing the Governor: his wife is pregnant with his child.

The governor is also the one who has been murdering people.

When his wife dies, Rick vows to take vengeance.

However, the Governor will not leave the city alone.

He has a plan.3.

The Last Stand, season 4 premiereA confrontation between Rick and Abraham begins as the Governor is about to execute Abraham for killing his wife.

In the final moments, Abraham shoots and kills the Governor with his own walker.

He then falls to his death.4.

The Final Showdown, season 5 premiereThe Governor is killed by a walkers walker at the end of season 5.

Abraham has now escaped, but the Governor doesn’t give up his mission.

He continues his plan to hunt down the remaining survivors of the Alexandria Massacre.

He uses a sniper to take out one of the survivors, which leads to a shootout.

Abraham then kills the other survivor, who survives the fall.5.

The Prison Break, season 6 premiereThe prison break is a major storyline in the third season of The Walking Bad.

After Abraham is captured by the Governor and forced to watch as his wife, who is pregnant, dies, he is given a choice.

He can choose to kill his wife and take her life in a fit of rage.

Or he can stay and face the consequences of killing his beloved wife and his children.

Abraham chooses to live.

He takes the Governor down and kills him with his walker walker, but not before Abraham has the Governor killed with his sniper rifle.

He also kills the two remaining survivors with his flametrooper rifle.6.

The Road to the Prison, season 7 premiereA prison break leads to the release of a group of survivors.

As they are driving through the prison, the walkers attack the prisoners, killing everyone in their way.

In order to stop them, the group of prisoners decide to use the escape tunnels and the prison’s elevator.

However a prison guard named Carl has to escape and find the escape tunnel before the group.

Rick, Abraham, and Maggie are the only survivors.7.

The Biggest Decision of Season 5, season 8 premiereThe final showdown between Rick, Maggie, and Abraham takes place in the prison.

Abraham and the Governor are on opposite sides of the prison and are fighting over the Governor, which means the Governor must win.

In their final confrontation, Abraham pulls the trigger, killing the Governor instantly.8.

The First Time, season 9 premiereIn this season premiere, we learn that Carl and his son, Carl Jr., have a secret.

The family had been hiding from the Governor for years and Carl Jr. wanted to kill Rick to prove to his father that he was still a hero.

However Rick was the one that killed Carl Jr, so Rick had to kill Carl Jr to make him feel like he was finally avenging him.

In addition, Rick is now the one responsible for the death of Carl Jr.’s father, Carl.9.

The Battle of Alexandria, season 10 premiereThe Alexandria massacre is one of several major events that will occur in the season.

In season 10, we will learn that the Governor has been trying to recruit Rick to join his army of Saviors, but Rick refuses.

Rick and Maggie find the Governor at the prison with his army and try to convince him to join their army.

They get into an argument and the next day, they are captured by Michonne and forced into an escape tunnel.10.

The Saviors Return, season 11 premiereThe Saviors return to Alexandria and take out all the remaining Saviors including

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