Watch: Apple’s new coffee shop appleton appel

Apple is bringing its coffee shop apps to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in a new applet, according to a blog post on the company’s website.

The applet is called Coffee Shop Appleton, and it will let users create their own coffee shop in a number of ways, including by tapping on the app’s logo and tapping on its icon on the home screen.

Users can also create custom layouts, such as an entire coffee shop with a menu bar and an empty space.

The applet will allow users to add custom images, buttons, labels and buttons, and also a menu that will appear if a user clicks on an icon.

Users can also set their own settings and make their own design.

Apple has also introduced a new design element that allows users to create a custom coffee shop, called the applet interface, that will allow them to share and share again with friends and family.

A coffee shop that’s built with Coffee Shop appleton in mind is a nice little feature, said Michael Meehan, a senior product manager at Apple’s iSVP of Product Design, in the post.

The coffee shop interface is meant to make it easier for customers to find and add their own features, and for others to see how the app looks like when it’s all set up.

You can also have your coffee shop be custom made and have a theme. “

Like, you can now have multiple coffee shops, or you can have a coffee shop of different sizes.

You can also have your coffee shop be custom made and have a theme.

You’ll see the bar on the left side, and you can see what the menu looks like, and all the buttons on the right side.”

The app lets users set their bar height and the width of the bar, as well as the bar shape and the bar color.

Users also can change the background color of the app bar, the background image, and the title bar.

Customizing the coffee shop can be done via a new menu bar item called the bar layout, which lets users tap the bar to add the bar style to their coffee shop.

Apple’s Coffee Shop apps have become increasingly popular, and they’ve become a part of Apple’s iOS lineup.

Earlier this year, Apple launched a series of coffee shop applications, including a simple version of the popular coffee shop site, Coffee Shop and Bar.

Coffee Shop applets are currently available on iOS 8 and 9, but Apple has also launched an applet for the iPhone.