How to make a $1.3m business and a $6.5m profit from coffee shop – in 3 easy steps

Coffee shop owner Daniella says the biggest challenge is keeping customers happy, and keeping her business afloat is key.

“It is a big risk, to try to keep the customers happy and keep them coming back,” she says.

“I love that it is a niche market and people are willing to go to coffee shops to get coffee.”

She started the business about two years ago, and has been running it for about three years now.

“Now we are starting to have customers who come back, they love the coffee, they like the coffee shop and they want to come back and do their own business.”

Daniella has had to learn the hard way.

“They come in every week, we have to make sure they have everything they need and I am not sure if they want the coffee or the ice cream,” she said.

“But I have to keep them happy.

It is not easy, you have to find the right way to make them happy.”

But coffee shop owners say it’s a business that has the potential to grow, and is a great example of the benefits of having an online shop.

“This is a new business model for a lot of small businesses, they are not as big as coffee shops but they are growing, they can bring in new customers, they will get a bigger return,” says Daniella.

The business is now open for business.