Why Starbucks will eventually start charging $1,200 for coffee

Starbucks is finally rolling out its new coffee shop in Phoenix, AZ.

But it won’t be a Starbucks for the rest of us.

As the coffee shop opens this Thursday, the coffee chain is going to charge $1.200 for a single cup of coffee, per ounce.

And the company says it’s only going to add a few more stores across the country this year.

That’s why Starbucks is adding new locations in Atlanta, Atlanta, Denver, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

“We’ve seen the impact coffee has on people,” CEO Howard Schultz told CNBC.

“I think people want to know what’s going on with coffee, how it affects their lives.

I think coffee can be a very important part of that.

We’re very excited about it, we’re looking forward to it.”

The coffee shop is located on the first floor of Starbucks, which has a total of 9,800 locations in the U.S. (I am counting the number of stores that Starbucks is expanding in the states, including Denver, which is also slated to open this week.)

Starbucks is also adding a coffee shop near its headquarters in San Francisco.

Starbucks said the new locations are a pilot project that the company is going through to find out if the pricing is fair.

“This is really an opportunity for us to understand what people are really paying for and we think it’s fair,” Schultz said.

Starbucks plans to launch the new Starbucks in Arizona this week.

The new Starbucks will be the second in the Phoenix metro area.

Starbucks recently opened a new location in downtown Phoenix.

Starbucks opened two new stores in Arizona, with the first opening in Phoenix last summer and the second this month.

Starbucks announced the expansion in the United States in March, and Schultz said that Starbucks has sold more than 2.3 million coffee cups in the country since then.

Starbucks currently operates 11 Starbucks stores in the state.

Starbucks has more than 50,000 stores worldwide.

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