Which team will be the biggest loser from the NFL lockout?

A lockout that has left the game in the hands of the owners and a new owners-controlled league has given players the opportunity to go their own way, but some still say the NBA is in better shape than the NFL, where fans are still getting paid to watch games.

The NBA has announced that it will have a new collective bargaining agreement with the players union and is seeking to re-sign its current players, who are set to be paid an average of $5 million per year in the new collective-bargaining agreement.

The new collective agreements are being finalized Monday, and the league said it will announce a new deal with the Players Association by the end of the week.

The players union is seeking $3.3 billion in compensation, the league $1.5 billion, and some other concessions, like a minimum salary for the team’s new All-Star Game.

The labor agreement, signed by owners and the players, would provide an eight-year contract for players.

The owners also would be required to rework the salary cap to be more balanced with the league’s overall payroll, a move that will be challenged by fans and players alike.

The agreement would give the owners more control over the salary caps and give them the ability to impose salary caps on players for years to come.

The league’s owners would also get to vote on the new rules for player contracts and how to use them.

The union will also be able to negotiate for an expanded role in the team-building process, including the hiring of a commissioner, and to help develop players through college, which the owners control.

The most significant change for the NBA would be a change in how the owners pick their players.

Owners can now vote to have the owners select their own team’s starting lineup.

The teams that finish with the most wins will get to choose the starting lineup and get to pick their coach, general manager, and coach’s assistant, as well as the starting five in each of the NBA’s 30 teams.

The top 10 teams would be the first to pick the starting lineups, while the teams that win the least number of games would get to keep the starting lines and coaches.

That could lead to a different starting lineup than the one teams are used to seeing.

But the change would be unpopular among the owners, who feel that the owners are paying the owners to draft the best players and are not really paying them to develop the best talent.