Why do you like coffee shops in Indy?

FourFour Two: What’s the best place to go for coffee in Indianapolis?

There are a lot of different reasons for that, and we’ve tried to put together a list of five places that we think are best for your coffee habit.

Some of the reasons we like this list: You can pick your favorite coffee shop at any time and there are lots of them around town.

The locations are also all accessible and accessible by bike.

You don’t need to know about the best coffee shops to find the best.

You can find coffee shop recommendations from all over the web and you’ll find plenty of people to chat with.

The coffee shops have a very eclectic mix of cuisines.

You won’t find a single “best” coffee shop in Indianapolis, but it will all have something to offer.

There are lots to explore and discover, so get out there and grab a cup of coffee!

(Photo: Courtesy of FourFourThree)