How you can make a new life in California without breaking the bank

Oceanside Coffee and the surrounding coastal communities of Piedmont and Napa are looking for a new place to find quality coffee, and they’ve found it in Ocean View.

For the past few years, Ocean View has hosted the largest outdoor coffee and espresso bar in California, where customers get to sample a range of local coffees while waiting for their table.

But after several years of trying to figure out how to make coffee in Oceanview, the city recently decided to sell the coffee shop for $15,000.

Ocean View’s owners, Brian and Kristin Guglielmo, say the move is a win-win for everyone involved.

“This is our hometown and our heart, so we really want to be here and work with our neighbors to help them succeed,” Brian Guglia said.

“We love our neighborhood and we love this neighborhood, and we wanted to make sure we were doing what we could to keep it going.”

With the money from the sale, Oceanview Coffee will invest in the area to create a coffee shop and espresso shop, as well as a new restaurant and retail space.

The city of Oceanview will pay for the renovations and the cafe will be paid for out of the sale.

Brian and Kristen Guglio say they’ve had to cut back on the coffee, as they’ve been able to save money on their costs.

“The coffee bar is a huge part of what Ocean View Coffee does,” Brian said.

“[With] the coffee we have, it’s very hard to make any other coffee.

It’s a huge investment for us.”

Brian and Kirsten Gugiglio say they have to cut down on their coffee orders because the coffee is so expensive.

“It’s not going to get you anywhere,” Kirsten said.

The couple hopes to have the coffee bar open for a couple more years, and hope to eventually open their own coffee shop.

They plan to open a bar and espresso store in the future.

They’re currently looking for other local coffee shops to help their local community thrive.

“Ocean View is definitely an incredible place,” Brian added.

“There are so many people here and so many different types of people.

This is going to help Ocean View to be a better place for everybody.”

Brian Gruglia says he plans to stay in OceanView for the foreseeable future.

“I love the area,” he said.

Brian Gunglia says they plan to continue to expand their business.

“With the new bar and the espresso bar, we’re going to be adding new locations to make Ocean View the coffee town of the Bay Area.”

Brian, Kristin and their new business will still be available to customers during the summer months.

They are also planning to open their first location next year in a new neighborhood, Ocean Park.

They say the plan is to continue making coffee in the neighborhood, but are excited to open the first Ocean View coffee shop in 2019.

Brian says he and his family plan to have a coffee bar in the Ocean View neighborhood for years to come.

“To be able to share the same space with my family and my friends and make coffee there is something I can’t say,” Brian continued.