Colonial coffee shop owner says she’s had enough of the protesters


— More than a dozen people have been arrested after a rally by anti-Donald Trump protesters in downtown Alabama.

Travis Coffee Shop in Tuscaloosa is the latest establishment to have been looted or burned in a series of protests that have turned violent in recent days.

The business is located on South Broad Street, near where protesters marched Sunday afternoon, and has been closed for about three days.

The shop is owned by former Ku Klux Klan leader and Alabama state legislator Don Payne.

“I just can’t stand it anymore,” Payne told on Monday.

Payne, who was among the protesters, says he has been targeted by Trump supporters.

“We’re all going to go through a very long night, and we’re all gonna get through it together, and I just want people to know, don’t take any Trump people and just let them run the country,” Payne said.

We just want to make sure people know we don’t condone what they’re doing.

“Payne says the people who looted his business are not from the area, but have been harassing him for years.

He has filed a police report, and is also planning to hold a rally to show support for his business.”

I’ve been harassed by Trump people in the past, and the other day they tried to break into my house and get my guns and everything,” Payne added.

As the protests continue, Tuscala Police Chief Steve Anderson said officers have been called to many protests over the last few weeks.

Tuscaloosas chief of police said he had not seen the report submitted by the owner of the business, but the department has been monitoring the situation.”

We don’t have the resources to keep everyone safe. “

This is a demonstration.

We don’t have the resources to keep everyone safe.

Officers have been out in force throughout the day, trying to keep the peace.”

Anderson said that he does not know why some protesters are using the Tuscalla Walmart as a platform for their protests, but they are not the first.

Many protesters in Alabama have been calling for a boycott of Walmart stores and the company has denied the claims.

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