Why you should visit Riverside coffee shop


(AP) What’s the best place to start your morning?

The Riverside coffee place is right there.

Its customers are often quick to share their secrets and, at the moment, it’s the top spot on a list of best coffee shops.

The Riverside spot also ranks as the No. 1 spot in the nation for people to eat breakfast.

“If I’m going to go on a date and I’m in the mood for breakfast, I want the Riverside place,” said Michael Shatz, a 25-year-old with the help of his wife.

“I like to eat right and I like the freshness of it.”

A big reason is the menu.

Riverside has a large menu that includes everything from fresh, to home-made omelets, salads, omelet sandwiches, oatmeal waffles and even breakfast sandwiches.

“The sandwiches, the omelettes, all of it is a big hit,” said Shatz.

“It’s not just sandwiches, it is breakfast, it has oatmeal, it does a good omelette and you can get it for the same price as a sandwich.”

Shatz said he usually gets the oatmeal and eggs with toast and a side of salad, but that if he wanted something different, he could go for the grilled cheese sandwich or the waffles.

“You can get a sandwich that’s a little bigger than a waffle and the oatmeleaks, but you can still get the breakfast sandwich,” said Kevin Fagan, a Riverside restaurant critic.

“That’s the kind of breakfast that people want to go to.”

Riverside has the No.”1 Best Coffee Shop in America list for the third straight year, beating out Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

The restaurant ranks second in the state of California for most coffee drinkers and third in the country for the most coffee shops per capita.

The California Restaurant Association ranks Riverside the No .1 best place for breakfast in the United States for a third straight season.

Riverside is known for its outdoor dining scene and is often featured on the Food Network series “The Real O’ Hare.”

“We have our own breakfast menu, but it’s just one of the best things to come here for.” “

There’s not a lot of breakfast places,” said Jennifer Shatz of Riverside.

“We have our own breakfast menu, but it’s just one of the best things to come here for.”

Shanks wife, Katie, said it’s all about the breakfast.

The breakfast sandwich is usually made with a whole wheat bagel and the eggs are the same as those found at a local breakfast shop.

“They’re all good,” said Katie.

“And they taste good.”

Fagan said he can’t wait to get back to Riverside in the fall and see how Riverside’s new, larger-scale location will hold up.

“Riversides location is really special,” said Fagan.

“Because it’s so close to LAX and there are so many restaurants nearby.

It will be really fun to go back and try some of those places.”

Shatz said Riverside was the only place he visited when he first moved to the state and it was an amazing experience.

“Everybody said it was the best thing in the world,” said Shoat.

“Now it’s our best place.”

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