New York Times Best Books of 2018

New York’s Times Book Review is releasing its list of the best books of 2018, and the NYT Best Books list is no exception.

Here are the books that made the cut.

The New York Public Library and Times Books Group announced the winners.

The list is based on readers’ votes.

The winner of this year’s list will be announced on April 18.

The NYT Book Award for Best Book will be presented at a gala event in Times Square on May 2.

The full list of winners can be seen below.

(You can also see the list of NYT Best Reads for 2018, which includes a selection of titles by and about readers.)

Books with a single entry in the NYT Book Awards are ineligible for the Pulitzer Prize.

Other books that were eligible but didn’t win are: The Last Days of Old Llewyn Davis by Joseph Conrad; The Long Walk Home by William Golding; The Black Dahlia by J.K. Rowling; The Little Red Riding Hood by Charlotte Bronte; and The Color Purple by Alice Munro.

All of the books in this year.

are not available in the United States.

The New York Post’s Book List and New York Magazine’s Best of 2017 list have similar categories: books that have been translated into at least one foreign language, published by an imprint that was founded in the U.S., and published in the last five years.

Other titles on the NYT Books list include: The Color of Truth by Jane Austen; The Good Soldier: The American Story by Michael Hastings; The White Helmets by Oleg Deripaska; and War and Peace: The Story of America’s Wars by Jeffrey Goldberg.

The Times Book Awards have been running since 1997.

The NYT Book Review team has published more than 1,000 titles in the past 25 years, including titles by a diverse range of authors.

The team also has an archive of more than 400,000 books from across the publishing industry.

Read the full list here.

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